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Our Vision

To Be The World’s Closest Farm Growing Nutrient-Rich Vegetables You Will Love

To Be The World’s Closest Farm Growing Nutrient-Rich Vegetables You Will Love

Our Purpose

Revolutionize access to fresh food through high precision and sustainable urban farming and processing offering natural, nutritious and delicious produce.

Our Values





Our Story

Curiosity Skills A Passion

It was 2014. Corporate life in Singapore unfolded into just another day for Karthik. Until a new assignment landed on his desk. It was a consulting project that sought to tap into understanding the future of farming ‘What lies ahead!’ An unearthing into this topic suddenly offered exposure to a whole new world of farming. Technology, Transformation, Hydroponics, Vertical farming, Urban farming etc became words that drew an immense fascination for Karthik.

It dispelled earlier convention of farming being of an era gone by limited to the hinterland or then as a retirement draw. It was here and now. It became more real when several events and thoughts coincided simultaneously. Singapore’s vision of 30% local produce by 2030, the value of sustainability in the farming process that must be optimised and the wellness and nutrition advantage. It was then when corporate life saw its timely end and led to a world of growing both a passion and leafy greens.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Uday was in a supermarket in the US. He had just picked a tray of amazing looking cherries. Below the tray, he saw the words ‘Hydroponics’. He grew curious. The intrigue grew into excitement when he tasted the cherries. They were deliciously fresh. Uday worked in technology in New York. He decided to add learning hydroponics to his already farm-rich experience. Uday comes from a family where agriculture was their main occupation. He knew he had to bring this technological expertise into India and he did just that. He knew he had to nurture his dream.

It was in 2018 when Uday and Karthik met and they have together sown the seeds, metaphorically speaking, to allow dreams and reality to meet at LivFresh.

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