Daria Soloveychik

Daria Soloveychik


About you and your passion:

I’m an international and online wellness coach and yoga teacher with a passion for fitness, nutrition & health. I enjoy many sorts of physical activities including yoga, contortion, hand balancing and running, and I also have interest in balanced and healthy diet. My interest spreads to the wholeness approach to living in general. I believe in 100% possibility of turning any of our dreams into reality and living your happiest and healthiest life at its fullest.


What do you like most about LivFresh?

I have always been a big fan of buying local and fresh produce, which is not an easy feat in Singapore. However LivFresh made enjoying fresh salads and vegetables an amazing journey!

While choosing fresh produce can help you eat healthier, the advantages don’t stop there. Over time, produce will begin to lose nutritional value. Not only does this make salads and vegetables taste less enjoyable, but it also limits how good the produce actually is for you.

For this reason, what I love most about LivFresh is the freshness of their produce, as well as the pollution-free, chemical-free and sustainable environment using hydroponic farming processes in which their produce is cultivated in. It is very important to get your food at the peak of its freshness and free from any chemicals to ensure the nutritional value is as high as possible and retain the great taste.


What are some of your favorite products from LivFresh?

My absolute favourite products are arugula, cherry tomatoes and bag of greens while my husband is the fan of their burrata, I get it for him once in a while as a little treat. I can eat LivFresh tomatoes like popcorn, and I love it for its freshness and sweet taste! I have been getting them every week for the past year and can’t recommend it more to all my friends and students. Apart from that, we also really enjoy pumpkin dip and hummus, which we always get when having friends over!


What are some of your favourite meals/snacks you’ve prepared using LivFresh products?

I enjoy making all sorts of salads with the greens, as well as to add them to some of my dishes, such as stir fries, sandwiches, tacos and plant burgers. My husband enjoys his signature plate consisting of burrata, arugula, tomatoes and bread which he enjoys them for dinner or as a snack. Recently LivFresh added a beetroot pasta which my husband and I found to be absolutely delicious. We really enjoyed it with a cashew based cream mushroom sauce for Sunday brunch.




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