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I am a mother and housewife from Australia. When I moved to Singapore 3 years ago, I was really shocked about how dirty the beaches were in Southeast Asia. Beaches never looked like that when I was a kid! 

In 2019, my friend and I set up a group called One Planet (Singapore) where we organise midweek community and beach clean ups. We also encourage people to do their own clean ups, at a time and place that suits them. We have now collected more than 4,700 kg of rubbish from the beaches and 1,100 kg of rubbish from the streets of Singapore and we have grown from a group of 2 people, to more than 500. 

I don’t claim to be an environmental expert, nor do I live a perfectly green lifestyle, but I am a strong believer that everyone can make a small difference, and that we all need to do something. I find One Planet very rewarding – I’ve met some really lovely people, and we’ve picked up a huge amount of rubbish! 

We ran several clean ups in September 2021, including big plans for World Clean Up Day on 18 September, with terrific prizes including farm fresh greens box from LivFresh. We always advertise our organised clean ups on our socials, but you can always organise your own and tell us all about it. 

LivFresh has also offered to help by collecting your large unwanted plastic bags, which we will use during our clean ups. 

Join us and make your own small difference! 


What do you like most about LivFresh? 

I love that the vegetables are delivered to our door in brown paper bags every week – I don’t have to cringe that I am bringing more plastic into my house. I also love that the vegetables are locally grown – meaning the products are super fresh, and that I am supporting a local business. Lastly, I like that I can set up a subscription, and the vegetables just keep on coming!  


What are some of your favourite products from LivFresh? 

I started out with LivFresh lettuce and have expanded this to include the Asian greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and pepper. I’m enjoying seeing the range grow over time. 


What are some of your favourite meals / snacks you’ve prepared using LivFresh products? 

We always have large salads on our dinner table and my husband regularly makes green juices. I’m also enjoying learning new ways to cook my Asian vegetables. 


To get involved in our organised clean ups, please follow us in Instagram @one_planet_singapore or join our Facebook group One Planet Singapore ( 


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