Digital Gift Card


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    The LivFresh Digital Gift Card is ideal for healthy eaters! With this gift the promise of freshness and a wish for health and vitality. This card is valid for a whole year.

    Simply add the gift card to your basket and we will send an e-mail with a unique code that the lucky receiver can use on our website for a one time purchase.

    Gift Card FAQs

    How do I use the e-gift card?
    When you purchase an e-gift card, an email will be sent to you and that email will come with a unique code. Copy that code and paste it at the Check Out page after you are done shopping at, and you will see that the e-gift card has been applied to your order.


    Can the e-gift card be used more than once?
    No, its a one time use only. You can buy multiple coupons for multiple uses.


    Can e-gift cards be reloaded?
    No, you can’t reload them.


    Can I apply a discount/promo code to my e-gift card purchase?
    No, discount codes cannot be applied to e-gift card purchases.

    Can I use the e-gift card in conjunction with a discount/promo code?
    Yes. e-Gift cards are a form of payment!

    Do you have physical gift cards?
    No, we don’t.