Gluten Free Slider Buns- 6 pieces

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    Put gluten free on your kids’ menu today and see just how thankful parents are that they now have a healthy option! Freshly baked in Singapore using flours from grandmother’s pantry, which you always wished to be part of your diet as well.



    • it’s a Lifestyle product not for people with Gluten allergy
    • Not made in Gluten free kitchen


    Ingredients: Buckwheat, Amaranth, Baryard Millet, Chestnut, Tapioca Flour, Flax seeds, Yeast, Salt, Olive oil, Water.






    Why Gluten free?

    Gluten free diets have gotten a lot of attention lately, and not just for those who suffer celiac disease – a disease one suffers when they have an allergy to gluten. A few of the benefits that gluten free diets bring are increased energy and weight loss; but for kids, there are even more benefits that this diet can bring, and kids can get it in one of their favourite foods.

    In addition to the other negative health impacts gluten can have, it can also inhibit the body’s absorption of calcium. When kids make the switch to gluten free their bodies will start actually using more of the calcium that’s so important to them and that they get through their regular diet. Calcium of course, is extremely important for kids to help build stronger bones and healthier teeth. In addition to that, gluten free Slider buns, and other gluten free food items, can also help with the prevention of asthma and other allergies; and it can also boost their immune system.

    Gluten free can benefit just about everyone, eliminating harmful carbs and replacing them with healthy alternatives.


    Make your own Slider Bar

    This slider bar is a great way to serve a completemeal to your  family and friends! Load up on toppings, vegetables and condiments. It’s so fun!


    • 1 package  Gluten free slider buns
    • lettuce leaves
    • sliced tomato
    • sliced onion
    • cooked Shitake mushroom strips
    • pickled onions
    • sliced jalapeños
    • assorted cheese slices: cheddar, swiss, colby jack, pepper jack.
    • condiments: ketchup, yellow mustard, mayo dijon



    Preheat your grill to the highest heat.

    While the grill is preheating, prepare your slider bar ingredients. Slice the tomatoes, jalapeños and onions. Cook a few strips of Mushrooms.


    Once the grill is hot, place the sliders directly on the grates. Cook the slides for 3 to 4 minutes, then flip again and cook for another 3 minutes. Place a slice of cheese on top for the last minute if you’d like a cheeseburger! 

    Assemble your slider bar there is no right way to do it! Place Sliders on the board. Arrange your condiments in small bowls with spoons, layer your lettuce, tomatoes and onions.! This is such a fun idea for family and friends. You can include any ingredients you love – such as guacamole or sautéed mushrooms. Whatever  you adore. Enjoy!