Organic Cacao Tablea-65gms


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    100% natural. Organic. No sugar.

    The smoothest single origin artisanal Cacao.

    Cacao is chocolate without the sin!

    Our cacao beans are one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, which helps in keeping our muscles, nerves and heart healthy.

    Rich in Iron and Fibre.

    Ingredients: Fermented Solar Dried Organic Cacao Beans, no additives, no preservatives and no fats, no extraction of the cacao butter.

    Nutritional and Health Benefits

    Our Cacao is made from organic cacao beans, there is nothing added to the mixture – this is pure 100% ceremonial Cacao.


    Ceremonial-grade Cacao is made by fermenting and lightly toasting or sun-drying the beans, then peeling the husks (usually by hand) and stone-grinding them down to create a paste which is set into a block — nothing added, nothing removed. The bean’s fat remains intact, helping to balance its stimulating properties and facilitate absorption over a longer period of time.The Ceremonial cacao is minimally processed and shortly roasted on low temperature to preserve the healthy compounds and nutritional value.


    Ideas to enjoy

    Ceremonial cacao dissolves easy in your drink. The effect of this cacao is clear. The soft and round taste makes a pure cacao drink very accessible.


    • 100% pure drink.
    • for ceremonies, yoga & meditation.
    • delicious to combine with work for focus & creativity.
    • in your breakfast with fruits.
    • you get the best frothy result by blending it for 15sec with a frother or hand blender.
    • May find you no longer crave crappy chocolate
    • Cacao can be enjoyed as an alternative to coffee or tea


    Cacao also makes it a versatile cooking ingredient and can be added to any sauces, curries, stews and casseroles to bring a depth and richness of flavour. Chocolatiers and pastry chefs can alchemise  Cacao Liquor into interesting chocolate and deserts.





    Ceremonial Cacao Drink

    • Cacao 15-25gr
    • Hot water/ plant based milk (oat milk), put the cacao in the bottom of a mug and add just enough hot water or plant based milk to wet it.
    • Optional spices ( Vanilla, Salt, Chili powder, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger etc.)
    • Use a milk frother or hand blender to create a delicious layer of foam as a final touch. Enjoy !


    If pure cacao is a bit too intense for you, add some honey, maple, agave or cane sugar to sweeten it up. Oat milk is delicious to make it more creamy and is naturally sweeter. Many options to design your drink! Drink enough water as cacao is slightly dehydrating to avoid a potential headache.