Sugar Free Nutrition Balls (Box of 9)

$25.00 available on subscription

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    Sugar Free Nutrition Balls


    You can also improve your diet by eating Nutrition balls regularly. Nutrition balls are a healthy alternative to snacks high in sodium or sugar which will get your protein levels to where they should be.


    Livfresh as promised brings, a selection of handcrafted flavours sweetened with premium dates. No preservatives, Dairy-free, Sugar-free.


    Box of 9- 3 pieces of each flavour (24gms per piece). 


    Chocolate Chia • Apricot and Raspberry • Orange and Cinnamon



    Selection of handcrafted flavours sweetened with premium dates

    Chocolate Chia: A pure blend of nuts and dates. Almonds, Pistachio, Peanuts, Cocoa Powder, Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Dates and Dessicated Coconut.


    Orange Cinnamon:  Aromatic Cinnamon and Citruissy Orange with Nutty Almonds, Ginger, Sesame sweetend with Dates.


    Apricot Raspberry: A contemporary combinatio of Apricots and Dry Raspberries, with Almonds and Pistachio, and hint of Coconut Oil, Vanill, Rose Water,Cardamom,Nutmeg and Dates