Less Waste. More Responsible.

We Love Green and That Includes The Environment Too

90% of the nutrients are lost within 72 hours of harvest. Until now, most people looked at the expiry date of their vegetables bought, we’d encourage you to look at the date of harvest. At LivFresh we harvest daily and it can be delivered within a few hours so you eat healthy every day.

We grow our vegetables using 86% less water than vegetables grown in the traditional way. In hydroponics nutrient-rich water is re-circulated and reaches the plants with no waste.


Reduce Waste

Two million tonnes of food is imported into Singapore each year out of which 393,000 tonnes is lost. That is one-fifth of the produce. The biggest volume of food loss is fruit and vegetables amounting to 167,000 tonnes. Here’s an opportunity for you to help reduce food loss and food waste by reducing food miles by getting your vegetables from a farm near you.