Chemical Free. Pesticide Free

An advanced Green-house.
An advanced Clean house

The LivFresh greenhouse is an advanced, data-driven, climate-controlled facility employing the most efficient production systems.

Our facilities are green and so are our processes. With no chemicals and pesticides, we grow our vegetables with technology that uses less energy, less water and ensures clean, fresh and responsible production.



Technology that knows
it's way around the farm

 The Mobile Gully System (MGS) from Australia, consists of a growing field which allows the growing plants to automatically move, in-plant gullies, from the planting area to the harvesting area. Whilst moving along the growing field, the space between gullies widens in order to provide optimum space for the plant in each stage of growth. No water or nutrients are lost as a closed hydro-feed cycle is used. Production per square meter is also maximised.

Science-Based Farming

It’s Lights, Music,
Temperature, Nutrients
and Grow

At our farm, the plants are the centre of attraction. Everything is scripted for them. The temperature, light, food and space. The vegetables are grown in a state-of-the art controlled environment.

The shade screens move above the plants monitoring the light conditions; chiller and heaters keep the water temperatures constant; the food and water is supplied to best suit their diet. Music of their choice often accompanies this process. Our plants simply love it.