What is the Best Way to Cut Sourdough Bread to Get Even Slices

The technique is an important part of making sure those slices are even and beautiful looking. Here are some tips to slicing sourdough bread the best way:

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A bread slicing knife uses a ‘sawing’ action to cut through the crust. This action reduces the pressure put on the bread, saving it from getting squashed during slicing. It has a long serrated slicing-edge to help you slice with correct technique. It goes without saying of course; the sharper the better. A durable good quality bread knife goes a long way to making bread slicing neat and tidy. It’s important to let the knife do the work and not your brute strength. Most people try to slice bread by pushing the knife downwards, but this puts pressure on the bread and squashes it, giving you messy slices. Hold the bread firmly in place with one hand, and slice through the bread with the other, using a forward-backwards ‘sawing’ action MORE THAN a downward action. Take your time, the bread will slice a lot neater when given the chance. Be sure to hold the knife parallel to the chopping board, NOT angled down at one end. Yes, you read that correctly. Put the bread on its side to get the best slice! Often with homemade bread, the side of the bread has the hardest crust and the shortest edge. So cutting through the bread side first will mean the greatest pressure is put on the bread at the beginning when the bread has the most amount of structure. And you also have less to cut through as it’s the shorter edge.


When to Cut Sourdough Bread to get Beautiful Even Slices
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