How to store Livfresh farms Greens.

Our nutrient-rich greens are caringly cultivated in a pollution-free, chemical-free and sustainable environment using hydroponic farming processes. With no chemicals,GMO and pesticides, we grow our vegetables with technology that uses less energy, less water and ensures clean, fresh and responsible production.

Our Brown bags in which you get your Greens are super eco friendly… At Livfresh its our conscious effort to minimise carbon prints on earth and that’s why our Brown bags have no plastic or wax coating still keeping your greens safe.

There are few ways to do this….. Tap dry the greens throughly, then drape them in the Paper Towel and put them in the ziplock bag. Easiest way put them in a ziplock bag making sure that the excess air is squeezed out of bag, and every time you take out the greens squeeze the excess air before putting them back.

Line a Plastic Storage container with the paper towel, tap dry the greens and put them in an even layer on top, cover it with another layer of paper towels, before locking down the lid. Don’t jam pack or over crowd the greens in the box, and try not to wash the greens before storing them.

Storing the Greens in a container with the paper towel is definitely a winner! Being able to store tender greens for up to a week is really convenient and will allow to buy bigger amounts, saving time and money. The hard side of the container really protect the greens from getting mover around or crushed like they would come in bags, and paper towels help to absorb the excess moisture.

Those who wish to wash the greens before storing, Wash them right once you get home. Make sure they’re completely dry, you can also drain them to let all the moisture out. Before tossing them in the fridge, wrap them in a cloth or paper towel to ensure they dry. (Leafy greens are susceptible to deathly moisture-you really don’t want your greens to go bad same day you bought them)
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