Shokupan White Loaf- 550g

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    An artisanal version of a white loaf, freshly baked in Singapore on the day of delivery, without using preservatives.



    Delicious, soft and fluffy white bread loaf that you can get in Japan. They are amazingly fluffy and keep moist for longer than ordinary bread. Most ubiquitous type of bread in Japan called shokupan, which simply means “eating bread.”



    Ingredients:  Wheat flour, water, sugar, vegetable shortening, salt, yeast, improver. Contains cereals containing gluten (wheat)


    Know your Shukopan Loaf

    It looks like a boring white loaf..?

    Sourdough and whole wheat-loving bread snobs often sneer at white bread but shokupan is the king of the loaves, it’s a rectangular block of white bread revered for its soft, cloud-like fluffiness and milky sweetness.


    The secret lies in the water-roux technique known as the tangzhong method, in which a small amount of flour is cooked with water or milk to create a base. After that, a simple combination of basic ingredients – flour, milk, butter, yeast, salt, sugar – results in a sweet loaf with a delicate crumb, chewy mochi mochi bite, and thin, crisp exterior.

    A Good Sandwhich Bread

    • Just like a bowl of plain rice, shokupan is the perfect canvas for layering on different flavours and textures. However, prized loaves are best savoured in extra-thick slices to appreciate their texture and taste. While shokupan is often sold whole in big loaves.
    • Shokupan bread makes fabulous toast. Slice it thick, then toast it to golden. Top with a generous spread of butter while still warm (so it soaks well into the thick toast), then top with your favourite jam
    •  Shokupan is also a great sandwich bread. The square shape is perfect for sandwiches either with or without the crust. A classic Japanese sandwich is a multi-layered sandwich, using trimmed bread, consisting of layers of potato and egg salad and ham and cheese, with some lettuce in there, too.
    • Finally, Shokupan is pretty much the perfect bread to use for outstanding French toast.

    How to store your Shukopan Loaf





    Place Shukpon Loaf in a resealable plastic bag or airtight storage container. 


    Keep them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks

    Fruit Sandwhich

    You can make these with a combination of fruits or go monochrome. Its soft, fluffy interior soaks up the cream and fruit juices, but it won’t turn to mush. 



    1cup chilled heavy cream

    1Tbsp. plus 2 tsp. sugar, A pinch of kosher salt

    8 slices Shukopan bread

    1 kiwi, peeled, cut crosswise rounds

    8 small strawberries, trimmed, halved lengthwise

    1 yellow peach or mango, cut into strips



    Using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, beat cream, sugar, and salt in a medium bowl until stiff peaks form, about 3 minutes. (You need it to be on the firm side. If cream is underwhipped, it will be more difficult to slice the sandwiches.)


    Neatly remove crusts from bread with a serrated knife. Arrange bread on a clean work surface. Evenly spread ¼ cup whipped cream on each slice of bread with an offset spatula or butter knife. Place 1 kiwi round on top of whipped cream in the center of 4 bread slices.


    Arrange strawberry slices in corners of bread slices, orienting them so that the pointed end is tucked right into the corner. Place 4 peach strips in the gaps between kiwi and strawberries.


    Place a second slice of bread, cream side down, over to close sandwich. Smooth outside edges of whipped cream, adding a little if necessary to fill gaps. Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap and chill at least 3 hours and up to 8.


    Using serrated knife, cut each sandwich into 4 triangles and serve.